Sunday, May 24, 2009

The Rain-Color Song

Sunset is almost here and I’m off work. With glee, I hoist Bird to his post on my shoulder, snatch my guitar bag, and make a quick exit to my car for our ritual. A short drive finds me parking by the hill at CA and trying to coax Bird to go outside with me for the third time today. I’m demanding on little indoor-loving birds ;)

I find our favorite patch of grass and pull out my guitar while Rabbit settles into his preening. The clouds shroud the sun and obscure the sunset colors that I often look to for music inspiration. This evening the air is tingling fresh as it sweeps over summer grass, heralding the promise of rain. Mmm. It more than makes up for any sunset splashed across the sky canvas. A gentle thunder rolls from one horizon to the other. My fingers pluck the strings while dark blue clouds tumble and dance towards me. I lean my head back and breathe deep the scent-colors of coming rain and evergreen. Intuitively, my fingers find chord-colors to match. Another gentle thunder softly calls across the expanse. I echo it with my lowest string while I play the waltz of scent-colors on the higher strings.

Looking up and to my left, I see a beautiful streak of rain like a blue bride’s veil shimmering. I accompany it as it flows in the wind. The breeze, now steady, carries only the scent of almost here rain. Bird notices and stops preening. My fingers tease the strings in a quickening syncopated style as little raindrop feet patter towards me. Bird starts to worry about getting wet as I hurry to conclude the rain-color song. Now big drops of sky collide against the Earth. I stash my guitar in its bag and rush for the car. Bird leans forward with all his might as if to say “Faster Mom. Faster! I’m melting!!”

Just as we duck inside the car, the veil of rain is upon us. It encompasses the little valley in a cleansing deluge deserving of its own unique song. It is all one long symphony with numerous movements in the ongoing and changing theater of nature.

Saturday, May 16, 2009

chicken identity(s)

I found this pic and had share it. That is totally something i can see my own green chicken doing- very confused and lots of identity complexes, but altogether really a sweet rabbit. ;)

by the way, i took him for an hour hike on the biology trial. i had a circus going on ontop of my head and both shoulders and bunny danced, begged, pleaded, anything to get me to him back to him house and away from the humid and buggy woods. poor him. what is he to do with such an odd human that exposes him to the grand outdoors away from the conditioned house.

also, have been eating two types of food for 4 weeks to save on budgeting. (well, free bulk food leftovers from photoshoots at work, bagel anyone?) anways, so now bird is now so angry with me that he doesn't even beg for food more as soon as he sees that im still eating the same that I have been making for the last few weeks.
"mom, you're eating that? again?! what am i going to do? your supposed to be my cook. why do you keep making the same thing?" and of course he doesnt like his bird food because it comes from a bag, its not fresh made, and its not gourmet. yeah, he is close to revolt and taking over the world. if no one hears from me for a few weeks, you know bird finally took over. i just hope he wont try to drive my car!

Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Live video from the Space shuttle

i found something interesting. :)
you can watch live video from the space shuttle if you go here:

then just click on the link "live video"
i just got to watch a live tour of the inside of the shuttle and the crew. it was pretty cool. i love thinking about all the math, physics, programming and everything that goes into pulling off a mission like that. ooo. happy. i want to learn lots more about everything and then i can appreciate it even more. on Wed. they will start doing spacewalks to work on the hubble telescope. yay.

There is another section: "the hubble story, slide show" and there are matching audio clips of a 6 time astronaut explaining what it is like to space walk and to ride the shuttle during a launch. ...some of the people got into the program by starting out in engineering. hmm. i need to win that lottery for lifelong free tuition. hehe.

when i used to live in FL, i would sometimes go to cape canaveral to watch the shuttle launch. awesome stuff. just watching that and filling awe that science and math can really take you places. far away, exciting-type places. the power of those rockets, and if there was even a small miscalculation the shuttle wouldnt work successfully.

mmm. happy thoughts. and ode to get a free pass to all kinds of super happy engineering programs. just think, many of the things that you imagine when you sit in bed, bored at night. with lots of math and physics, you could stop being so bored and work on bringing those ideas to tangible life. ooo. and then when you run your simulations in your mind to see if they work, you could just run that on Fluent program and get a print out of all the happy math to go with it. and a list of things to improve and stuff like that. the possiblities.

alright. well i stop rambeling and get ready to put in another full day at both of my jobs tomorrow. but one day, yes one day when i have money, back to school for engineering i go! (i love art and the other stuff to have only done engineering while in college, hence the need to go back and collect more) ok. im done. but everyone really needs to go watch the live video feeds. it will inspire you!!!