Tuesday, March 31, 2009

From the Archives: Tree Fun

I was sorting through some old photos on my laptop from June of last year. And I came across pics from my tree top picnic/ almost camp out. (something about nearby lightning from a sudden storm)

Joe testing out my device: a mini-cross bow that I rigged with fishing line for setting up rope. Once we shoot the arrow and attached fishing line over a high branch, we pull up a thin rope. then we use that pull up a climbing rope. Then simply use ascenders and go on up to the top :D

I love very tall trees, especially in the dark. yay for rope and verticalness.

Sir Zack heading up to the kitchen/ camping area. Note the plastic bin above his head. that's the kitchen counter. Inside that you can see a white plastic thing, that serves as the kitchen sink, literally. I hauled up a container of water, like a big Camelback, so we have 'running water'. to the left you can see something under a blue tarp. That is the bathroom. (i was trying to design and test gear for future week-long stays in the trees without having to come back down) my goal is to one day set up a camp in the top of a giant tree in a rain forest. and then stay up there for a few weeks researching all the plants and wildlife in the canopy. hehe. talk about a fun trip!

Enjoying my food at the tree top. I used stuff sacks to stow our gear so we would have some 'closet space' for the extra rope, hammocks, and stuff like that.

Jes and Joe perched on a tree limb 60 feet up at my "tree top cafe" eating pasta and bread. Note, the safety line, we were anchored at all times because my motto is "All about safety" ;) hehe. Also, the lantern over her shoulder is hanging from a lightweight chain used to hang hot stuff including the stove.

Here is my stove design. (I forget to get a pic of it up in the tree). Basically, i use chain to hang it up to diffuse the heat, since rope would melt. The chain clips to the metal grate and creates a little area to hold the cooking pot, which is also wired on for good luck. Since most of the weight is on the grate, the stove simply hangs underneath in its little holster. the holes let in air for the flame. and you an easy adjust and light it while everything is set up.

Home sweet tree. You can see two hammocks on the left, and all the safety lines for ascending/ rappelling and hoisting gear. For future plans, i have been tinkering with ideas to get a dry cell battery that is lightweight. but that would be me enough power to run my laptop and some Christmas lights at nite. Theoretically, I can eventually get some solar panels to recharge that battery. Then I could be able to run my electronics in the tree top. and to extend my goal, get satellite internet so if i ever do get to take that dream trip to study wildlife in the canopy, i can keep up with my research and communication while i am perched out in the field. :D

Monday, March 30, 2009

Flying devices, big and small

Yay for jumbo flying device at the TN Aquarium. I love macaws, but i am glad Rabbit isn't this big! Hehe this is not the size bird to take on errand runs ;)

Small flying device:

Not quite flying devices: ...can you spot the turtle smushed under the two gators? it was cool to see the gators. reminded me of snorkeling with them back in FL.

In front of GreenLife I found a swarm of tiny flying devices- bees. yayness!

hopefully one day i will have a yard and can keep bees.
happyness in a bucket ;)

Thursday, March 26, 2009

Friday, March 6, 2009


Bird supervises the ground crew.

I tried to get Joe to give me physics lecture on climb up. it worked until i started asking for diagrams about halfway up ;)

my sibling. and we are even related!

Joe- my partner in building a helicopter/ motorcycle. i just have to finish convincing him to let me "slightly" modify his bike ;)

I tried to give Bird a ride to the top. But after 15 ' he was too afraid of heights and started to panic. Poor little rabbit. So I dropped him off at the bottom and climbed the wall a couple more times. yay for rocks :D (if i only i could fit it in my car to set up my very own real rock climbing wall at home hehe)